Paul M Gitwaza was born in a Christian Family in the city of Uvira and grew up in the village of Bijombo (South-Kivu, DR-Congo). His father being among the first converts to the Christian faith, led by the Swedish Pentecostal missionaries raised him strictly in the way of the Lord.
Paul received Christ as His Lord and Savior at the tender age of 9, was baptized in the Holy Ghost at 12 and became a preacher at age 14.
At the age of 16 Paul received a life changing vision that would forever define his life journey on earth. In a vision, he saw a man showing him a global map, and this man told him that he would go into different nations preaching the message of the kingdom of God. Paul was very astonished because at that time, he hadn’t moved from his remote village to any other place until when he would turn 18years, in 1989.

From His Village to College

At the age of 18, he went to the University in Kisangani-D.R Congo, where he continued to seek the face of God, and gathered a few students to stand with him in pursuit of God.
In 1992, while attending regularly his daily prayers in the city of Kisangani, God revealed to him about His intention to raise an “End-Time Army” (Warriors) around the world. This mighty army would prepare people for the return of the King of Kings - the Lord Jesus Christ. However, this Ministry was yet to start.
He was instructed to tarry a bit and only start when the Lord would give instructions. God told him that this end-time revival movement would reach every corner of the world, through the mighty army of obedient servants, fully committed and equipped to invade, conquer, occupy and transform the nations for the kingdom’ sake. The army would be made of people devoted to the Lord, uncompromising in their love for the Lord despite the sufferings and persecutions they would face. In 1993, Paul relocated to Kenya from Kisangani with the ambition to pursue studies in Aviation in Australia while waiting for the appointed time of God to start the promised ministry. While in Kenya he became a full-time minister.
In 1995, three years after the vision was given, The Lord began speaking to him and directing him to start the ministry. It was in that time that the Lord revealed both the name and the location of where the ministry will start. The place was Kigali, Rwanda and the Ministry would be “Authentic Word”.
Paul left Kenya and arrived in Rwanda on October 1st, 1995. This was a major life changing decision to take on during the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. Authentic Word Ministries officially started in 1996, in humble and very difficult conditions.
Since then, the ministry has grown greatly by the Grace of God and opened doors in several countries on different continents around the globe including Africa, Europe, Asian, Oceania, and North America.